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As a Trusted Advisor, we utilize a different process.  Most folks do not like insurance, and we accept that.
We know there can be confusion in our industry, but we use a transparent approach that allows you to understand your protection and security. We aren’t just interested in selling you a policy.  We want to be just as important to you on a long-term basis as is your other professional advisors. 
We offer something different; we are Building Trusted Relationships.


  • Introduction


     We get to know you, your family, &/or your business to learn your perceived risks and strengths. We want to be sure you are properly & adequately protected.

  • Information


    We will review your current policies this allows us to have a clear picture of where you stand, insurance wise.

  • Evaluation


    We do a comprehensive audit of all the information shared with us, looking for overlooked risks. In half of our conducted reviews, we have discovered major concerns that were not protected.

  • Proposal


    We review our findings with you. We’ll also show the steps we can take to manage your risk, if you choose to become a client.

  • Signing On


    When you become a client, we outline how we’ll prioritize and address the risks found in your current coverage over a 12-month period.

  • On-going Service


    9-5 doesn’t apply here, we are here when you need us. We repeat elements of the evaluation and proposal steps beginning four months before your coverage renewal date. So, you’re clear on any new or persistent risks. It also allows us to go into the renewal process armed with information.